Peugeot/Citroen - Immobilizer system, key coding

This description does not apply to Fiat, Mitsubishi or Toyota based PSA vehicles (for those please see relevant FiCOM/StarCOM/ToCOM sections). On the other hand it applies to Fiat Scudo (which is based on Peugeot Expert).

PSA-COM allows you to code keys in BSI control unit. 4-digit PIN is required to code keys. The pincode is available from dealerships, printed on code card, or we provide special feature to read pin code from BSI control units (please see Peugeot/Citroen pin code reading).

PIN code is stored in BSI and Injection control units. In order to re-use older ECU it is necessary to re-program pin code to match both ECUs. PSA-COM can code usually PIN code in BSI control unit (if you need to program an unsupported control unit, please contact our support) or engine control units (rarely supported on used ECUs, please e-mail us if you need this feature). We recommend to always change pin code in BSI control unit even if you are swapping engine ECU.

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Coverage in PSA-COM

Key coding: