Peugeot/Citroen - PIN code reading

PSA-COM allows you to read pin code from selected control units. Special PSA IMMO-PIN license is required for this functionality.

PSA-COM offers three methods for pin code retrieval:

  • direct read from BSI (body systems integration) control unit
  • PIN code retrieval using valid key
  • PIN guessing on old systems

Direct read from BSI

The function reads pin code directly from BSI control unit, it is available in "Coding" menu after connecting to the ECU. No valid (programmed) key is required. Supported ECUs include Valeo and Johnson Controls (JCAE) CAN-BUS BSI up to 2010.

Wipers may turn on during pin code retrieval procedure.

PIN code retrieval using valid key

The function is available from "Special diagnostics" menu. PSA-COM Inj-CAN or CAN-BUS adapter and at least one valid key is required (in other words the function does NOT work in all-keys-lost scenario).

Please follow PSA-COM instructions to retrieve PIN code. The procedure basically requires you to:

  • Connect PSA-COM InjCAN (CAN vehicles) or CAN-BUS (VAN vehicles) adapter
  • Turn 3 times ignition ON-OFF with valid (programmed) key according to displayed instructions

Important notice: CAN-BUS adapter for VAN vehicles is not available for purchase at this moment. Customers can either build it themselves for each ECU type or connect OBD2 leads to vehicle CAN-BUS wiring as follows:

  • OBD2 pin 3 to powertrain CAN-H (in BSI, Injection ECU, or ABS)
  • OBD2 pins 4 & 5 to Battery-
  • OBD2 pin 8 to powertrain CAN-L (in BSI, Injection ECU, or ABS)
  • OBD2 pin 16 to Battery+

All ECUs must remain in the car.

For VAN vehicles please use either 250kbps or 500kbps variant, for CAN-BUS vehicles (2004+) please use always 500kbps variant.

Coverage in recent vehicles (incomplete, work in progress):

Inj CAN-BUS location for VAN vehicles

Bosch EDC16C34 right connector A4 right connector A3
Siemens SID206 T3/A4 T3/A3

We'll further update the with appropriate information for VAN vehicles.

You can use wiring diagrams to find proper CAN-BUS locations.

PIN guessing on old systems

This applies to pre-2003 BSI control units. PIN code is guessed, procedure may take up to 36 hours to complete. It is necessary to connect vehicle to a proper battery charger, otherwise battery will drain.