Diagnostics wiki

This site will soon contain tutorials for most common procedures related to FCOM, FiCOM, HiCOM, PSA-COM, RenCOM, BimCOM,, PoCOM, ToCOM, TruckTester

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This section applies to all FCOM and FoCOM users. SECONS no longer markets the product under name FoCOM for legal reasons, users are advised to upgrade to FoCOM successor, FCOM.

  1. FCOM (FoCOM) user manual
  2. Ford Retrofitting trailer hitch
  3. Ford Retrofitting cruise control
  4. Ford TDCi injector coding
  5. Ford Fuel Injection Pump (FIP) coding
  6. Ford PATS (Immobilizer)
  7. Ford service interval reset
  8. Ford remote programming
  9. Ford programming tire sizes
  10. Ford ECU swapping
  11. Bosch VP44 PSG control unit diagnostics
  12. Aston Martin diagnostics using FCOM

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  1. FiCOM user manual
  2. Fiat/Chrysler SGW Security Gateway information
  3. Fiat key coding information
  4. Fiat pin code and component security reading
  5. Fiat Installing older (used) control units
  6. Fiat Proxi alignment
  7. Fiat Service interval reset
  8. Fiat body computer (BCM) central configuration
  9. Odometer change
  10. Fiat fire protection system (impact repair)
  11. Iveco service interval reset
  12. Iveco Immobilizer
  13. Iveco ECUs configuration
  14. Italian motorcycle FiCOM diagnostics
  15. Engine cylinder shutoff test

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  1. BimCOM user manual
  2. BMW Service interval reset
  3. BMW Battery replacement
  4. BMW Key Coding
  5. BMW DXC Steering Angle Sensor Calibration (applies to X-drive cars)
  6. BMW Installing older (used) control units
  7. BMW Diesel particulate filter (DPF) - regeneration
  8. BMW Diesel injector coding
  9. BMW FRM short circuit counters reset
  10. BMW - replacing electronic control units
  11. Bench-testing BMW ECUs
  12. BimCOM Land Rover / Rover / MG diagnostics
  13. Engine compression test
  14. Engine idle speed test
  15. Engine injected amount correction test

See also: BimCOM video tutorials


  1. HiCOM user manual
  2. CRDI Injectors coding
  3. Key coding information


  1. PoCOM user manual
  2. Porsche service interval reset
  3. Porsche used vehicle analysis
  4. Porsche key coding
  5. Porsche immobilizer system
  6. Porsche steering wheel angle sensor calibration
  7. Porsche TDI injectors coding
  8. Porsche trailer retrofit
  9. Porsche replacing control units
  10. Engine cylinder shutoff test

See also: PoCOM video tutorials


  1. PSA-COM user manual
  2. Peugeot/Citroen immobilizer system
  3. Peugeot/Citroen pin code reading
  4. Peugeot/Citroen replacing electronic control units
  5. Peugeot/Citroen service reset
  6. Peugeot/Citroen steering angle sensor calibration
  7. Peugeot/Citroen diesel particluate filter (DPF) regeneration
  8. Peugeot/Citroen control units configuration


  1. RenCOM user manual
  2. Renault/Nissan pin code reading
  3. Renault/Nissan TPMS valves coding
  4. Nissan DDL diagnostics


This section is only for selected beta testers. StarCOM is not available for sale at this moment.

  1. Mercedes service interval reset


  1. ToCOM user manual
  2. Toyota DPF regeneration
  3. Toyota diesel injector coding


This section is only for selected beta testers. TruckTester is not available for sale at this moment.

  1. TruckTester ECU naming
  2. DAF Immobilizer
  3. DAF service interval reset
  4. MAN service interval reset
  5. Iveco service interval reset
  6. Iveco Immobilizer
  7. Iveco ECUs configuration
  8. Engine compression test
  9. Engine idle speed test
  10. Engine injected amount correction test
  11. Engine cylinder shutoff test