Porsche - replacing control units

PoCOM supports control unit swapping/replacement, however usage is limited to certain scenarios.

Generally speaking, when replacing/changing/swapping an ECU is it necessary to perform some of these tasks:

  • Transfer configuration between ECUs (not possible with PoCOM, subject to future update; supported for Cayenne ECUs that have VAG short coding; long coding is supported as well, but unfortunately it does not carry all configuration information)
  • Re-program the new ECU with appropriate software (not possible with PoCOM)
  • Change VIN (supported in PoCOM through configuration or specific VIN change function on ISO14229 UDS ECUs)
  • Match immobilizer (not supported in PoCOM at this moment)
  • Do basic settings / component adaptations / adjustments (supported by PoCOM in many cases)

Installing new ECUs

Please contact us with your request.

Specific issues

Some headlamp UDS ECUs (SWSG left/right ECU in 958,970,9x1, etc.) require to run same software in both left and right modules. If you program VIN to the replaced ECU, new fault code appears in both modules about software incompatibility. When purchasing replacement SWSG ECUs on scrapyard, buy both modules, not just one. There is a very ugly workaround, it is possible to disable specific headlamp warnings in KOMBI (instrument cluster), however this affects other SWSG failures as well (thus they are not displayed to the driver, pretending everything is OK).

According to our knowledge headlamp modules can be re-programmed from left to right and vice versa. This is currently not supported by PoCOM, please contact us to add support.

New (factory) headlamp module may be in unprogrammed state, requiring to be assigned to either left or right side. This is currently not supported by PoCOM, please contact us to add support.

All-wheel-drive (4WD,AWD, PTM) UDS ECU requires VIN change on installation and then works, however further codings might be required. Please contact us in case you are replacing PTM ECU.

Requesting currently unsupported feature (support)

If you have any request related to ECU swapping / configuration, please contact us at moc.snoces|troppus#moc.snoces|troppus If possible, please provide snapshots for all related ECUs (mainly if you are replacing an ECU send both old and new ECU snapshot) and also listing of all fault codes in the vehicle (all ECUs).