Porsche - Electronic parking brake maintenance

The following steps must be completed in order to successfully calibrate the Electric Parking Brake:

1. Parking brake service position: For service work on the parking brake system, the parking brake controls must be in the service (mounting) position. The parking brake loses its calibration in the service position.
2. Parking brake clearance adjust: This function allows you to check and set the parking brake clearance. This is necessary if the brake discs or pads have been replaced or the parking brake has been in the service position. The vehicle stands on a level surface. Parking brake released (if the brake discs or plates have been replaced, the parking brake must still be grind before calibration).
The clearance of the brake tolerance:
Left and Right sides must be within 0.2mm of each other. Brake shoe adjuster, each click is a 0.15mm adjustment
Panamera: Air Gap spec is between 1,7 to 2,2mm
Cayenne: Air Gap spec is between 1,9 to 2,4mm
911, Boxster: Air Gap spec is between 1,6 to 2,5mm

3. Park brake grinding: For vehicles with a steel braking system, the brake pads must be grinded after replacing the brake pads or discs. If only the disassembly/assembly of the brake system has been performed, then grinding is not necessary. For vehicles with PCCB braking system (ceramic brake), grinding is not necessary.
4. Park brake calibration: This function can be used to calibrate the parking brake. Calibration is required when the parking brake comes into the mounting position. The vehicle must be standstill. The brake must already be grinded when the brake discs or pads have been replaced. The brake temperature may not exceed 50°C!

Coding procedures:
Air gap calibration
Erase parking brake activation counter
Lamp test
Reset start-up
Set grinding state
Static current measuring mode
Roller test bench mode

Some PoCOM customers reported that parking brake ECU lost it's coding during maintenance, in such case all subsequent attempts to install new brake discs/pads fail. Please check if the ECU has valid coding and valid configuration.

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