Porsche - Bosch EDC17CP44 (3.0l V6 TDI) other coding

Automatic test sequence
Check for misfire
Check of SCR efficiency
Checking cylinder pressure sensors
Clutch engagement point adaptation
Clutch valve calibration
Cooling oil valve calibration
Cooling system bleeding
Distance sensor calibration
Drain fuel tank
EGR test
Engagement point adaptation
Erase static memory
Exhaust gas pressure sensor reset
Filling reducing agent metering system
Fuel system learned values reset
Initial fuel filling
Injector test
Intake manifold valve reset
Kick-down adaptation test
Lambda sensor reset
Load shift flap bank 1:test
Main pressure valve calibration
NOx sensor 1 test
NOx sensor 2 test
Regeneration of EGR cooler
Reset SCR lock
Reset learned values quant. meter. unit and press contr. valve
Reset oxygen sensor learned values
Reseting learned values for reduction agent metering system
Resetting learned values of cylinder pressure sensors
Resetting of SCR tank level detection
Resetting of learned values of catalytic converter
Resetting of learned values of difference pressure sensor
SCR metering quantity test
Service position
Test of exhaust gas recirculation contol deviation
Test of exhaust gas recirculation cooler switch-over valve
Test of oil pressure valve change-over
Test of oxygen sensor
Test of sooting degree of EGR cooler
Test of the plausibility of the air mass meter
Transfer fuel pump (FP) test
Turbocharger test
Urea additive dosing system level reset
Urea additive dosing system startup unblock
Urea additive system learned values reset

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