Peugeot/Citroen - Replacing electronic control units

When replacing ECUs in PSA cars the newly installed ECU must be properly configured and for specific ECUs also immobilizer matched.


PSA-COM supports visual configuration on many ECUs. Print original configuration and reconfigure the newly installed ECU according to original ECU data.

Configuration in BSI

Configuration in BSI control units cannot be simply copied from one unit to another in most cases as BSI units differ and they contain dynamic set of applicable options. It is necessary to save original BSI configuration in text format and then configure new BSI unit with same values one by one manually. It is recommended to do this process in steps (up to 10 or 20 values) as BSI unit may reject incompatible configuration, thus rendering all your work unusable.


BSI (Body systems integration), INJ (injection ECU) and BVA/TCM (transmission control ECU) mostly require immobilizer to be matched. Immobilizer in PSA vehicles is synchronized using vehicle security "PIN" code (4 digit alpha-numeric value). PSA-COM supports PIN change procedure in most BSI ECUs. In order to match immobilizer, vehicle security PIN code must be same in both engine and BSI unit. To change security pin code in BSI unit you need to know engine ECU security PIN code (same as original BSI unit code) and new (donor) PIN code.

If you run into any troubles or require additional immobilizer coding procedures, please contact us at moc.snoces|troppus#moc.snoces|troppus