Peugeot/Citroen - Control units configuration

PSA-COM configuration is available in selected ECUs, in some cases configurable options are greater level than provided by Peugeot/Citroen dealer tool (Planet/Lexia/Diagbox). If you require additional coding to be added to PSA-COM, please send your request and snapshots from all vehicle ECUs to moc.snoces|troppus#moc.snoces|troppus . Most vehicle configuration options are available in BSI (body systems integration) ECU. Development mode has to be enabled (in Settings) in order to write configuration to ECU. Please refer to PSA-COM manual for more information on development mode.

If you encounter any problems, please provide ECU snapshots / debug log files and problem description.

BSI configuration

PSA-COM has now ability to modify / write configuration in CAN-BUS BSI ECUs (BSI 2010 UDS ECUs on P508/etc. are not supported at this moment).

This functionality is in development at this moment and use is at your own risk! It is highly recommended to contact us before you use the feature, mainly when some of values are not decoded properly.

Always save original configuration so as it is possible to recover data in case of any problem.

It is highly recommended not to touch any alarm configuration values, incorrect settings may result in always-armed vehicle.

There is one known problem, configuration write may introduce "B1303 Configuration: Faulty" fault code, which cannot be cleared. The faultcode does not have any impact on BSI/vehicle functionality.