Iveco ECUs configuration

Please note FiCOM covers only light Iveco vehicles (12V systems).

Make sure you have working backup of data before you start making changes!

Model Years Configurable ECUs
Iveco Daily 2001-2006 MS6.3, EDC16C8, EDC16C39
Iveco Daily 2006-2011 EDC16C39, EDC17Cxxx, BODY
Iveco Daily 2011-2014 EDC17Cxxx, BODY
Iveco Daily 2014- ?
Iveco Eurocargo 2003-2007 EDC7C, EDC7UC31
Iveco Eurocargo 2008- EDC7UC31
Iveco Stralis 2003-2006 MS6.2, EDC7UC31
Iveco Stralis 2007- EDC7UC31

Please note EDC configuration is currently under development. EDC configuration requires ECU flash memory re-programming