Ford/Mazda - Retrofitting cruise control (CCF)

FCOM allows you to retrofit trailer hitch on cars using CCF data. Procedure is very simple:

  1. Install cruise control stalk
  2. Run FCOM, Connect to BCM (Body module)
  3. Select "Configuration"
  4. If prompted whether you want AS-BUILT data or configuration, select the latter
  5. Find "Cruise control" option in list
  6. Change value to enabled or adaptive cruise control


This procedure applies to all cars with CCF configuration:

Vehicle Years
Ford Focus 2010-
Ford C-Max 2010-
Ford Fiesta 2008-
Ford Transit 2006-
Ford Transit Custom 2013-
Ford Transit Connect 2013-
Ford Mondeo 2006-2015
Ford Galaxy 2006-2015
Ford S-Max 2006-2015

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