Remote Programming - Ford Mondeo


1. Unlock Vehicle, and turn ignition to position 1.

2. Wait until the PATS LED illuminates (app 10 seconds)

3. Switch Ignition to 0 – within 5 seconds – LED will remain on

4. Point the Remote at one of the front Receivers

5. Press a button and keep pressed – within 20 seconds of step 3

6. When the LED on the Key lights press the other button 3-5 times

7. Release both buttons while still aiming at the receiver

8. If successful, both LED’s will flash 5 times

9. Repeat 5—9 for additional transmitters (within 30 seconds)

10 .When completed, Turn Ignition to II then 0 to store the Keys


1. Turn Ignition to II, then turn ignition from II to I and back 4 times within 3 seconds.

2. The PATS LED on dash should light.

3. Turn Ign to 0. Then press Unlock button and keep pressed until PATS LED flashes 4 times (new fob first, then old).

4. Turn Ignition to II, then back to 0 to end.


1. Turn Ignition 4 times from 0 to I, ending at position I. A tone should sound.

2. Press the Remote Unlock button – another tone should sound.

3. Additional Remotes can be added by repeating Step 2, within ten seconds of each remote.

4. To exit turn Ignition to 0 – another audible sound should be made.


1. Insert the key in the ignition.

2. Cycle the key from position 0 to II and then back to 0 four times within six seconds.

3. Leave the key in position 0 and press any button on the remote control within 10 seconds. You will receive confirmation via a chime or LED that programming has been successful.

Note: Further remote controls may be programmed at this stage.

4. Press any button on each additional remote control within 10 seconds of each other.