Fiat Retrofitting cruise control

Configuration: in BCM (Body computer)

Some models have cruise control only, some require activation of both cruise control and speed limiter.

Instrument panel may display relevant messages / options or enable speed limiter setting only when engine is running for the first time after the option in BCM is enabled.

Additional engine ECU (INJ/ECM/PCM) configuration may be necessary.

Proxy alignment also may be required.

Cruise control / speed limiter levers

If purchasing a cruise control lever ("stick") for retrofit purposes, make sure you order correct type. Mainly be careful when retrofitting CCS to Fiat Ducato x Peugeot Boxer x Citroen Jumper use different levers / steering column modules.

Basically the cruise control buttons use resistor network connected either to two (Fiat) or three (PSA) pins on the lever. Wrong type fitted in vehicle results usually in fault codes B12CB-64 Cruise Controls from Multi-Function Stalks (CSM) and U0405-81 Cruise control module: Invalid data received. Full part number for Fiat Ducato X250 is 735690385 .

Engine ECUs with self-learn functions reset