Proxi alignment

Proxi alignment procedure is used to add/remove control units and functional blocks from vehicle. Coding is performed form Body computer coding menu.

There are basically 4 functions often confused:

1. General configuration in BCM, where you can change vehicle behaviour (e.g. how many airbags is installed, LHD/RHD, engine type, etc.)

2. Configuration of present ECUs

If the ECU is added or removed from the vehicle, it is necessary to run coding function Vehicle ECUs configuration that can be found in “ECU Programming/Coding menu” of Body Control Module (BSI).
You can see 2 columns containing lists of ECUs after you run the Vehicle ECUs configuration. Already installed control units are shown with green mark in the “Installed ECUs” column on the right. You can remove the installed ECU by selecting the ECU from the right list and clicking on the left arrow.
From the list of available ECUs on the left, please select and add control units you wish to install by clicking on the right arrow.
If you select Installed ECU from the right list, you can use EOL button to set or reset EOL presence in the selected ECU. EOL means End Of Line programming/configuration. Only some of the vehicle ECUs supports EOL. The EOL control units needs to be proxi aligned (transfer configuration from the Body Control Unit - BCM to the selected ECU), if these ECUs are replaced. EOL can be set only in installed ECUs.

Click on “Save configuration” button. Body Control Module may reject write request if new data are not valid for the car (e.g. engine control unit not defined in Body Control Module).

3. Distribution of central BCM configuration to other ECUs

It is necessary to transfer new configuration from BCM to the related EOL ECUs. It usually used to solve "blinking odometer" problem.

Configuration transfer is required in the following cases:

  1. After replacing/adding the ECU. Configuration from BCM have to be transferred to the replaced/added control unit.
  2. After reconfiguration of BCM ECU - In such case is necessary to transfer configuration from BCM to all control units in the vehicle.

Proxi alignment

This function will automatically transfer the configuration to the ECUs, that are EOL and are not proxi aligned. (ECUs, that are not properly configured according to the CAN proxi status). For this purpose use the coding function PROXI alignment procedure. You can find it in the “ECU Programming / Coding” menu of the Body control ECU.

Transfer configuration from BCM to all ECUs

For this purpose use the coding function Transfer configuration to the all control modules. You can find it in the “ECU Programming / Coding” menu of the Body control ECU.

Selectively transfer configuration from BCM to an individual ECU

For this purpose use the coding function Transfer configuration from body control module. You can find it in the “ECU Programming / Coding” menu of all control units except the Body control ECU from which is the configuration transferred.

4. CAN-BUS information, which displays status of ECUs connected to CAN-BUS

Displays information about the units configured in the vehicle. Is possible to select one of these options:

  1. Foreseen ECUs
  2. Active ECUs
  3. ECUs with faults memorized
  4. ECUs with active faults
  5. ECUs with CAN faults

Coverage in FiCOM