Engine OBD2 emission tests readiness

Function is available in engine control unit (if ECU provides such information and the information is available through specific diagnostic protocol).

OBD2 emission tests monitor result is displayed (Complete (OK), Incomplete, or Test not available). Two sets are displayed: since DTC clearing and for this driving cycle.

This function is useful before driving vehicle to a state-regulated emission test according to recent EU regulations. For those who are familiar with VCDS, this function is similar to VCDS readiness function.

Test types

Fuel System
Comprehensive Component

Petrol engines (Non-Continuous monitors)

Catalyst (CAT)
Heated Catalyst
Evaporative (EVAP) System
Secondary Air System
Oxygen (O2) Sensor
Oxygen Sensor Heater
EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) and/or VVT System

Diesel engines (Non-Continuous monitors)

NMHC Catalyst
NOx/SCR Aftertreatment
Boost Pressure
Exhaust Gas Sensor
PM Filter
EGR and/or VVT System

Technical details

Despite of fact that our diagnostic tool do not use OBD2 emission diagnosis protocols, many engine control units provide the same information also using native diagnostic protocols. Our tools basically read what is present in OBD2 service 01 PIDs 01 and 41)

Coverage in SECONS diagnostic tools