Engine cylinder shutoff test

The test measures individual cylinder speed based on individual cylinder shut-off.

No special tools are required to perform the test, no engine component disassembly is needed. This is pure OBD-II diagnostics test.

Test prerequisites:

  • Engine ON (running)
  • Engine idling (accelerator pedal not pressed)
  • Transmission must be in neutral
  • Engine warmed up to working temperature

Test procedure:

  • Start engine
  • Check fault code memory for no faults
  • Run cylinder shutoff test (Engine ECU -> Coding -> Cylinder shutoff test
  • Start the test using start button
  • Turn individual cylinders ON/OFF to update cylinder's measurement values and bargraph while the cylinder is shut off
  • Cycle for all cylinders to be tested (normally all engine cylinders)
  • Stop test
  • Evaluate results

The test window display measured values and bargraph for each cylinder (minimum, maximum, and current - or last - value). Bargraph shows absolute rpm range for each cylinder, all graphs (cylinders) have same scale and range. Green part shows rpm range for each cylinder. Black line shows average cylinder speed value, red line current speed value.


Coverage in SECONS diagnostic tools