DAF Immobilizer

DAF vehicles are using VDO/Continental immobilizer control unit with Megamos crypto RFID transponders. The immobilizer ECU is connected via CAN-BUS with engine ECU (UPEC, DMCI, PCI, PMCI, ECS-DC, etc.). The engine ECU and the immobilizer ECU are paired using 12-digit secret synchronization code. If any of the ECUs are changed, correct synchronization code has to be programmed.

TruckTester for DAF is capable of reading 12-digit secret synchronization code from UPEC engine ECU and reading/programming code in immobilizer ECU (this can be used to match engine ECU to immobilizer ECU).

Up to 5 keys can be programmed to immobilizer ECU. Megamos crypto RFID transponders have to be pre-programmed with secret cypto words. TruckTester for DAF is capable of reading crypto words from immobilizer ECUs.