DAF Immobilizer

DAF vehicles are using VDO/Continental immobilizer control unit with Megamos crypto RFID transponders. The immobilizer ECU is connected via CAN-BUS with engine ECU (UPEC, DMCI, PCI, PMCI, ECS-DC, etc.). The engine ECU and the immobilizer ECU are paired using 12-digit secret synchronization code. If any of the ECUs are changed, correct synchronization code has to be programmed.

TruckTester for DAF is capable of reading 12-digit secret synchronization code from UPEC engine ECU and reading/programming code in immobilizer ECU (this can be used to match engine ECU to immobilizer ECU).

Up to 5 keys can be programmed to immobilizer ECU. Megamos crypto RFID transponders have to be pre-programmed with secret cypto words. TruckTester for DAF is capable of reading crypto words from immobilizer ECUs.

Key coding coverage in Trucktester for DAF

Immobilizer code reading in Trucktester for DAF

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