BMW - DXC steering angle sensor calibration

The Steering Angle Sensor must be recalibrated after various repair work is performed, such as a wheel alignment or coding/programming of the DXC module. Incorrectly calibrated sensor may illuminate DSC, DME/DDE, SRS and 4x4 warning lamps. In most cases it is not necessary to replace the steering angle sensor.

If the fault code 6E3E is stored in the DXC module, follow the procedure listed in this bulletin:

  1. Turn steering wheel to straight position
  2. Perform coding sensor alignment in LWS
  3. Perform coding sensor alignment in DSC/ABS
  4. Clear faults in all ECUs
  5. Switch off the ignition and wait for a minimum of 1 minute.
  6. Switch on the ignition and start the engine.
  7. Check the fault memory.
  8. If the fault is eliminated, no further action is necessary, otherwise repeat the procedure up to 3 times.

Due to some software issues, the DXC warning may still be displayed after the adjustment is performed.

NOTE: If the steering angle sensor cannot be adjusted after 3 attempts, the sensor must be replaced.